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  • Ivailo Stanev

    Ivailo Stanev

    Photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria

(born 1976), Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello, I'm Ivailo Stanev and I'm a photographer and creator of Creative Hall Studio.
For over 15 years I have been working in the field of fashion, advertising and commercial photography, completing projects for a number of Bulgarian and international brands, issues and campaigns.
In 2006, I became the first Bulgarian photographer featured on Fashion TV, the international fashion channel.
Since 2011 until present days, I have been the official photographer of the two biggest international male magazines - PLAYBOY and MAXIM - for Bulgaria. My editorials have been published in many of the labels’ international issues.
Since the ESQUIRE entered Bulgarian market in 2014, I have been the magazine’s photographer and photo editor for Bulgaria.
Since 2012, I worked as a cameraman for a publicistic programme at the Bulgarian National Television. Along with practicing photography, I work as a video- and films’ cameraman for advertising and documentary productions.

MAGAZINES:ELEGANCE, ESQUIRE, PLAYBOY, MAXIM, FHM, Harper’s Bazaar, Men's Health, OK, EVA, INTRO, GO guide, Moda, Jenata Dnes, Sign CAFE...

CLIENTS: ALB TelekomDSK Bank, Fi Bank, Si Bank, Fikosota, DEDEMAN, BALOSSA, Romantika Fashion, GLAM on YOU, VIVATEL, CSKA, Eurofootball, Prista Oil, Pierlucci, SSG, WALMARK,PROFILink, Praktiker...